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The First and Leading local Sensory Theatre Culture and Young Child Theatre's  Development.
Multi - Sensory.Non Verbal.Immersive

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"Fu Fu.Fu" Aftershow Workshop Round 3
The extent sensory experience
after the show "Fu Fu Fu"
We accept around 100 participians a day in order to make larger group interaction and sensory installations,​ which is a breakthough in Hong Kong Sensory theatre education, to extand the possibilities of creation of audiences after watching our shows.

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Upcoming Perfermance
  3rd-Run Dec 2018
《Wind Blows, Sea Flows》

  ("Fu Fu.Fu") in Macau

【Sensory Stimulations x
  Physical Theatre x Music x Interactive Exercises】
《(FuFu.Fu,)Wind Blows,and Sea Flows》

"Wind Blows,Sea Flows!"
Let's explore the flows of nature in full of imagation of Theatre.

​Sensory Interactive Childcare Multimedia Physical Theatre |
HK 5 Senses Sensory Baby-Childcate Theatre

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