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Five Senses Education Theatre (Hong Kong) is the Establisher of Sensory Childcare Theatre & professisonal Sensory Drama Education in Hong Kong. We are focus on creating a theatre without limitations like ages, languages, races and abilities,
in form of【Sensory Stimulation, Movement, Music, Multimedia, Sensory Interactive Scenes】and We hope that preschoolers and child even with disability can be part of the act and learn from the play throughout senses study and interaction, meanwhile adults can also have fun and enjoy themselves.

Five Senses Education Theatre (Hong Kong) has always work on senses development in a whole new intriguing experimental method by using sense & drama as the entry point. This method is getting more mature on effectiveness and coverage of different targets from many years of full-time teaching.    

Our Founder

Wong Yuk Tak (Tak Tak Gemini)

Wong is professional in both Theatre Art and Education. As she graduated from 1) The School of Drama in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), 2) Department of Education Studies in Hong Kong Baptist University, 3) Department of Sport and Science in The Education University of Hong Kong. a Bachelor Degree (Honours). She has been a HKSAR qualified full-Time teacher in main stream and also special school,so she is well-experienced in Drama in education (D.I.E),and also Conceptual subject (about sensory education). She has also finished the Advance Diploma of Special and Gifted Education in The Education University of Hong Kong. She was also conducting lectures in schools and colleges (HKU community centre). 

Art Education:
Wong has received several recognitions for her outstanding contribution in arts education. Her teaching plans accessed the Hong Kong Arts Development Award twice, Merit in 2009-2010 and Gold Award in 2010-2011, given by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, nomination of The Chief Executive’s Award for "Teaching Excellent of Hong Kong Education Bureau" 2011-2012, and Award of Outstand Arts Teacher by Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2013. She Establishe Childcare Sensory x Drama education and co-operate with Hong Kong Repetory Theatre (HKRep) outreach department 2015.

Art Production:
Apart from art education, Wong also actively participates in multimedia art production and theatre productions and She is the creative director of Free Will Theatre and Five Senses Education Theatre and Founder of Hong Kong Childcare Theatre of Senses. She is recently on tour to Hong Kong, China, Czech, India, Japan, South East Asia of the exhibition "Museum of Hope". Her productions include movie, TV programs, educational short film, student projects and government promotion video. and tend to explore the Five Senses Education Theatre.

Furthermore, Wong planned the First Conservation & Revitalization of Bozhou Heritage People’s Festival. She gathered lots of Chinese artists in different categories to exchange experiences and promote traditional artistries to the public. This festival successfully raised the attention in Mainland China between the media.
Theatre Production:

Producer & Director:

《畫畫》香港及國內三度公演 "Start From a Dot"  *Third-Run in H.K. & Mainland
 (**首演及重演由 香港話劇團 合辦**)
 (**Hong Kong Repertory Theatre co-produced)
[ 6 Sensory Stimulations & Conceptual exercises x Music x Movement (Non Verbal) x Multi-media x Interactive Games] (2-6 ages)

《呼呼.呼》首演及重演 "Wind blows,Sea Flows"  
 (**首演由 香港話劇團 合辦**)
 (**Hong Kong Repertory Theatre co-produced)
[ 6 Sensory Stimulations & Conceptual exercises x Music x Movement (Non Verbal) x Interaction Multi-media x Interactive Games] (2-6 ages)

《左一半.右一半》"Half Left,Half Right'
 (**Hong Kong Repertory Theatre「Kids Drama Festival」)
[Sensory Stimulations x Music x Movement (Non Verbal) x Interactive Games] Childcare Theatre (3-6 ages)

《你一半.我一半》"You Half, Me Half"
  **Premiere and Revival
[Sensory Stimulations x Music x Movement (Non Verbal) x Picture Book]
Childcare Theatre (2-4 ages)

Director or Actress:

- 《人種誌戲劇-時代記錄者-傳媒》Pants Theatre
- 《人種誌戲劇-中間人-地產》Pants Theatre
-  第二屆「空城計劃」《Papallion 》
- 《樂地生根》社區文化大使計劃   Pants Theatre
- 《中國偶戲在香港  偶偶細語》SideKick Project
- 《門後的一扇空間》
   Outstanding performer and Best Overall Performance
   (Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies)
-  “Taking Root”, "Central Person" Pants Theatre Production
-  “The Puppet Whisperers” Tradition Chinese Puppet in H.K.,Sidekick Project
- 《活著》Dance and Physical Theatre (2nd Hong Kong People’s Fringe Festival)
-  “Efil” Dance and Physical Theatre (3rd Hong Kong People’s Fringe Festival)
-  Theatre Horizon “If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler”《如果.在.冬夜.一個.旅.人》

-  “River Boy”, “Journey to Inferno” , 《軌道上的微生物》
-  "Museum Of Hope" Exhibition X "Efil" performance《希望博物館》展覽x《牛一》演出
​​Television & Film Production

Producer & Director:

  • “Short-film Go!” Arts Ambassadors Contest 2014
(**Gold Award) by (Hong Kong Arts Development Council)
  • 《非常平等任務》(Radio Television Hong Kong)
  • 《人間有情》(Radio Television Hong Kong)
  • 《天水圍的夜與霧》“Night and Fog” Film by Ann Hui On-Wah
  • 《社會企業》Governor Advertisement

Our Mission

Senses comes naturally as daily communication tools for us to connect with the world. As an experimental senses education center, our ultimate goal is enlightening the basic five and artistry senses through all the plays.

​Everyone would be experiencing all five senses and a conceptual interaction for audiences and performers by involving and contributing the story at the same time. We want to build up an intimate and wild relationship with audience to enhance their senses.