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What's New

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"Fu Fu.Fu" Aftershow Workshop Round 2 - 2.0
The extent sensory experience
after the show "Fu Fu Fu"
We accept around 100 participians a day in order to make larger group interaction and sensory installations,

which the breakthough in Hong Kong Sensory theatre education,
to extand the possibilities of creation of audiences after watching our shows.

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Overseas Prefermance
  2018 Dec 3rd Run 
《Wind Blows, Sea Flows》

  ("Fu Fu.Fu") in Macau

【Sensory Stimulations x
Physical Theatre x Music x Interactive Exercises】
《(FuFu.Fu,)Wind Blows,and Sea Flows》

"Wind Blows,Sea Flows!"
Let's explore the flows of nature in full of imagation of Theatre.

​Sensory Interactive Childcare Multimedia Physical Theatre |
HK 5 Senses Sensory Baby-Childcate Theatre

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